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Shandong Shenghe Industry Co., Limited, ever since humble foundation in 2001, we have never changed our solid mission – partner ourselves to make sure our customers’ success in their markets. The mission is the good reason why high quality, best possible price and unmatched customers service must be woven into Elastic, Webbing and Egg belt that we manufacture.

In 2001, our first customer was in apparel industry, we supplied jacquard elastics to a Hong Kong apparel manufacturer and they exported underwears to a well-known Japan brand. Up to today, we still work with this very first customer.

In 2003, we launched the production line of webbings, and we started exportation in the same year. Over the years, we are confident in our vast variety of webbings, with combination of any fibers and constructions to fulfil your application. We have deep cooperation with customers, ranging from famous brands in industry to global textile wholesalers, and even leading webbing manufacturers in USA, Australia, Germany, etc.

In 2007, it was a prosperous year for us, when we brought egg belts to the market. From earliest polypropylene material to the following polyethylene, we developed the latest mesh design in high-strength polyester. Sounds bold but true, when talk about egg belt products, believe we manufacture dramatically more and advanced designs than any other facilities.

In 2010, we invested assembly production, when a partial of our customers came to us not only for finished straps, but also bag manufacturing. From simple stitching, we gradually started cooperation with carefully-selected and trusted bag plants. Our partner factories deserve our admiration, as they devote themselves to meeting our requirements, in spite of small quantities sometimes.

No matter you are a start up, or decide to improve your current supply chain, or would like to expand your suppliers for your growing business, we are here, equipped with comprehensive production line, high-quality standards and consistent innovation. Now and into the future, our emphasis is always you!

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