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Cotton webbing

Shandong Shenghe Industry Co., Limited is a team of experts with more than 10 years of expertise in manufacturing and developing Cotton Webbings and Binding Tapes in a variety of colours, widths, finishes, lightweight and heavyweight constructions. Custom printing, treatment and packaging can be done to meet your specific requirements.

Constructed of 100% natural cotton fiber, cotton webbing is environmentally-friendly, Soft feel, Natrually breathable, Non-chafing, also absorbs moisture and sweat readily. In addition, cotton webbing will exhibit the strength you need without the slick feel of a synthetic, extensively used in Apparel trim, Sports, Medical, Handbags belts, Luggage, Pet gears, and many more other industries.

Our prices are very competitive with quality products, when you are looking for a reliable Cotton webbing manufacturer, kindly allow us an opportunity, let our specialty experience with cotton webbings work for your needs.


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